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Used car parts

You can buy the best used car parts from home and abroad for lowest prices online via EuroStocks. Whether you are looking for a used headlight unit or a completely overhauled engine block, you will find it quickly and easily on our website. With more than 150,000 used parts from more than 1000 suppliers, we have almost all spare parts for your car. Available from stock! Simply search by make, model and type or by the specific car part you need.

Used car parts

The best used car parts

At EuroStocks we work with a large number of professional suppliers of car parts from countries all over Europe. More than 1000 companies have already joined us, and more are growing every day! The advantage for you as a handy do-it-yourselfer or professional in the automotive industry is clear: you have a lot of choice! Not only is the chance very small that you cannot find the right part, you often have a choice of different suppliers per type of part. This makes it very easy to find the best used part for the lowest price. This way we make maintaining a car not only very easy, but also as cheap as possible!

Why would you buy second-hand car parts?

Instead of used parts you can of course also opt for new car parts. That is also possible at EuroStocks! In some cases, new parts will certainly be preferred over used parts. For example, consider a neon light for your taillight or timing belt. These parts have a fixed lifespan, making them less suitable for reuse. But if you are looking for a door or a car mirror, for example, choosing second-hand is definitely a responsible and sustainable choice. Curious why choosing used car parts is smart and responsible? We list the advantages.

Used car parts are the best price deals

Traditionally, anything used is popular because of its lower purchase price. Whether it is a used car, second-hand clothing or a second-hand book: because it has already been used and has been around for a while, the price is lower. Used parts for a car can sometimes be up to 90% cheaper than new parts. And whether you repair your car yourself or are a professional car mechanic: it is always nice to save considerably on the purchase costs of your parts! After all, it makes a big difference whether a part costs 1000 euros or 300. Not only for yourself, but also for your potential customers.

Used parts are better for the environment

Not only does your wallet benefit from reusing car parts, but also the environment. By using second-hand parts to repair your car, the knife cuts both ways. On the one hand, a car part that is reused does not have to be recreated. That saves a lot of energy, co2 emissions and raw materials. On the other hand, the second-hand part you buy doesn't have to be thrown away either. That means less waste processing with all the consequences for the environment that this entails. In short: by choosing used parts instead of new parts, you contribute to a better planet. That’s a circular economy we are working on.

Second-hand parts are of good quality

A third advantage of used parts is that they are often just as good as a new part. There are of course exceptions, but for parts such as mirrors, sheet metal and separate technical parts, the age has hardly any influence on the useful value of the part. It is of course important that the part is not damaged. That is why almost all parts are checked and if necessary overhauled before they are offered. As a result, you are assured of a well-functioning and reliable product. Most of our parts are original, that makes it even better!

Buy all kinds of used vehicle parts for your car

Most cars have more than a thousand separate parts, not to mention the parts that make up those parts themselves. The advantage of this large number of parts is that you can easily repair a car. After all, you only have to replace the defective part, and not a whole new drive or even a new car. A disadvantage is that every part can break, and that it is not always easy to find the right part. We make sure that you can easily find the right parts. You will find all second-hand parts with us in one place. For example by searching for the correct and same OEM car part number.

Used engine parts

Are you looking for used engine parts for your Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Renault, Fiat, Kia, Toyota, Opel or another car brand? Then you will definitely find the perfect part for your car on our platform! Second-hand engine parts such as camshafts, crankshafts and pistons are very popular, because they often have to be replaced and can still serve well second-hand. You can also contact us for parts that are mounted on and around the engine. Think of a suitable gearbox and all parts for the exhaust system, but you can also buy ESG valves, filters, sensors and starter motors cheaply via our website.

Used parts for body and bodywork

Not only will your car show technical defects sooner or later, the exterior can also be damaged. This type of damage is usually not caused by age (although some models still suffer from excessive rust), but by collisions or accidents. Unfortunately, you don't have to drive fast to damage your car. Even when parked, you can get serious scratches, dents and damage to bumpers, lights and mirrors. Do you have damage to the exterior of your car? Fortunately, you can repair this inexpensively with our used car parts. Here you will find, for example, all bodywork parts of your car. Handy if you have driven a scratch or dent!

You can buy used car parts online via EuroStocks

In addition to engine parts and sheet metal parts, you will find all other types of used car parts you can think of on our marketplace platform. So take a look around and discover how beneficial it can be to make your car like new again! Or search by NL license plate or make, model and type to immediately find the right parts. Moreover, after you have found the right part, you can start repairing your car almost immediately. Because everything you see on our website is available directly from stock. And delivered at your doorstep within days!

Used car parts