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VDS Auto Export Services B.V.:

As a smart entrepreneur, you also purchase vehicles internationally. Dutch cars have an excellent reputation in the market, so you are interested in them. But how do you make sure you can register them quickly and easily in your own country? VDS offers the solution. Our clear and practical export services make it very easy for you to buy a Dutch car. We stand for fast delivery, competitive rates and above all a flexible approach.

Custom advice

VDS stands for personal involvement and tailor-made advice. After all, every company has its own problems and needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information; our staff speaks Dutch, English and German.

Popular services

  • Delivery 'KFZ Brief' (German registration certificate)
  • Delivery 'Kurzzeitkennzeichen' (5-day license plate)
  • Delivery 'Zollkennzeichen' (German export license plate)

KFZ Letter

A Dutch registration number often contains insufficient data for many European admission authorities to handle the registration. In this case, a German vehicle registration certificate (KFZ Brief) can offer a solution. Since a KFZ Brief contains a lot of information, an additional data sheet is usually not necessary. You can therefore register the car in your own country much more easily. Another big advantage is that VDS can deliver the KFZ Letter within one working day. You can simply ask the company where you are buying the car for a KFZ Letter through VDS.


Are you picking up the car yourself instead of a transporter? Then you will need an export license plate. The Kurzzeitkennzeichen is very popular, but its acceptance varies from country to country. We recommend that you choose a Zollkennzeichen. This is a German export licence plate with a variable duration of at least 1 and a maximum of 12 months, including third-party insurance. Of course, this registration number will also be delivered with the well-known VDS speed and quality!