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Advertise on with export software from EuroStocks

As a car company or car dealer, do you want to sell new or used cars in other countries in Europe? Then advertising on is a must. is the largest marketplace for cars in Europe. With over 18 million unique visitors per month and over 1.5 million used and new cars, this platform offers unparalleled opportunities for success in the international car market. At EuroStocks, we help you make the most of these opportunities. How? With our unique export software, with which we make selling cars via simple, economical and maximally effective. Want to know more? Read on for more information or contact us directly for a free demo.

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That's why advertising on with EuroStocks!

Since 2008, EuroStocks has been an official partner of in the Netherlands and Belgium. More than 500 car companies use EuroStocks' services to advertise intelligently, economically and optimally on EuroStocks offers a large number of advantages for offering vehicles compared to manually entering cars into, or linking to yourself. For example, car texts are automatically translated into German, English and six other European languages. Your cars are automatically priced correctly and advertised excluding BPM. EuroStocks also compares models and prices with the offer, so that you only place suitable cars on In this way we ensure maximum return from your account.

Manually add cars on

If you enter cars on yourself, you lose valuable time because you have to enter everything manually. In addition, you often see that this way the offer is not up-to-date. Sold cars remain on the platform and new trades are not yet listed. If you link to yourself, you are on in Dutch, not in German or English. Also, a European export price is not automatically advertised. In addition, your entire offer is forwarded, while many cars are not attractive for the European market. Think of an imported Volkswagen Golf, which of course you don't want to advertise on Or there are just too few cars on, so you pay too much because your package is not used optimally. You are also missing the EuroStocks price check, which means you are probably not advertising the right price!

Advertise profitably with EuroStocks discounts

EuroStocks negotiates a substantial discount for the first three months for car companies that start advertising on In addition, we can also offer discounts on packages Komfort and Premium. And do you transmit chassis numbers via EuroStocks? Then you will receive 1 Euro discount per vehicle and each unique VIN on the invoice from Furthermore, we help you make optimal use of your package. Suppose you want to advertise 10 cars on, EuroStocks will automatically fill in the most suitable export car, the moment a car is sold on the platform. This allows you to get the most out of at minimum cost and with minimum effort. Ask for the (discount) conditions from one of our account managers!

Automatically calculate residual BPM and correct export price

As of October 16, 2006, there is a rule in the Netherlands that when exporting cars to another country in Europe, you are entitled to reclaim the residual BPM. An occasion with a Dutch sales price of €50,000 euro and with still €6000 euro residual BPM you advertise on for example for 44,000 euro. The 6000 euro residual BPM is refundable with proof of export in the EEA: all European countries, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. Download the BPM refund form tax office here.

Automatic translation to German, English and more languages

EuroStocks automatically translates your texts from Dutch into German and English and displays only the German and English text on Other languages are also possible. Of course, all options and specifications are also automatically translated and included.

Offering the right car on the right platform

The days of advertising all your cars on all occasion portals are behind us. This is not only because portals have become more expensive in recent years, but mainly because different types of buyers are active on each portal. has its own buyers, also has its own buyers. So does, where you mainly have all of Germany, Europe and even worldwide reach. Think of buyers from Dubai, the Middle East, Ukraine, Morocco and Turkey.

There are cars that you would prefer to sell locally or nationally as close as possible. This is often to keep it serviced and increase chances of trade-ins. But many cars sit for a long time, are exclusive, have defects, are electric or hybrid, or have lots of residual BPM. These are ideal contenders for the European market. Precisely these cars you want to advertise on We are happy to help you determine the most suitable cars for

Listing on using your own VMS system

Every car company uses its own stock management system, also called VMS, to manage used cars and portals. EuroStocks can be linked to these stock management systems. Automatically and real-time, cars are uploaded, updated and deleted when sold. So you don't have to perform any additional operations for this. The vehicle management systems with which EuroStocks can be linked are: Wheelerdelta (Autodata), VWE (ad manager), Autotelex, RDC (OBS), Mobilox, AutoSoft (Autocommerce), UCC (Used car controller - go remarketing solutions), Helga (Autofactor), CARGO, OVIS (ISN), (Intermobilitas), (Truck delta, TNL business) and HEXON.

EuroStocks helps in the sales process

When you offer cars and other vehicles on through EuroStocks, you are selling outside the Netherlands. EuroStocks helps you with the start-up process, such as speaking to foreign buyers properly and professionally. And in case of a sale, we share a know your customer (KYC) checklist, so you know to whom you sold the car. This is important for VAT returns and 0% VAT rate deliveries to companies outside the Netherlands in the European Union. And also for the BPM refund you need documents and proof that the vehicle is registered in another European country.

If you want help with exports, VAT and BPM refunds, we recommend export service providers. They will relieve you of all your worries or can guide part of the transaction, so you can be sure you have things in order. EuroStocks partners with export service providers such as VWE, VDS, CARGO and VDS. Want to know more? Contact these companies or contact us about this.

Even more benefit when selling on with EuroStocks

Do you want to achieve maximum sales returns on the European car market? Then it should be clear by now that advertising on via EuroStocks is the ideal solution: inexpensive, simple and everything happens automatically. But that's not all. An additional advantage is that you can display your logos, language flags, WhatsApp number and EU website per photo to tell customers how you can be reached and which languages you speak. Further advantages are that we put standard export texts with each ad. That's about your website, contacts who do exports and what languages they speak. Any export services and costs per car that may be involved can be mentioned, as well as payment preferences per bank. And finally, your location in the Netherlands and accessibility by train or plane. EuroStocks automatically places a disclaimer in German and English with each ad. It also includes a link with the number of photos of the ad. EuroStocks can even display up to 250 photos per vehicle, displays 15 as standard in the Compact package, 20 in the Komfort package and in the Premium package 30 photos per car. Finally, EuroStocks takes care of your account, from classifying it with logos, the right seller, a passport photo, export texts, photos of your company, opening hours and services, to invoicing and increasing or decreasing the account package. Subscriptions for and for EuroStocks are cancelable on a monthly basis.

Curious about what customers say about EuroStocks and advertising on Check out our reviews! Want to know more about the possibilities? Contact us without obligation, also for a free demo. We would love to help you become successful on the international car market!

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