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EuroStocks import software: a virtual car showroom

Import is the trend in the automotive industry! Do you also want to show German import cars in a virtual showroom on your website? With the EuroStocks import software you can easily show more than 300.000 German vehicles next to your current offer. No major changes are needed to your website.

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Import software for your car company

Does your company still only sell cars in the traditional way? Cars are purchased, promoted and placed in the showroom. This involves high investment, advertising and maintenance costs.

Today's consumers know exactly what is for sale, where and for what price. That does not make it easy for car companies to distinguish themselves. The EuroStocks import software makes it easy for your company to import cars from Germany. By doing so you will increase your offer and you will respond to the trend whereby the customer often stores virtually and online and has an extensive range at his disposal. In this way you distinguish yourself from the competition and become more attractive for car shoppers.

How does our import software work?

EuroStocks receives all data from and translates this huge offer to the Dutch market. We have been an official partner of Germany's largest used car marketplace for more than fifteen years. We only show the supply of German cars of which the CO2 emission is known and which are offered by authorized car dealers. The cars are shown with an all-in price; we deduct the BPM and set the desired sales margin and import costs for you.

The import software works with an iframe or a Wordpress plugin. So there are few adjustments to be made to the website, and nothing else changes on the front end. You offer customers a more extensive range and at the same time save on high costs. In this way, the return goes up and the financial risk goes down.

Why do you want to display the German offer next to your own?

  • Every year the number of private individuals importing their own cars from Germany increases. With our software you can capitalize on this growing target group.
  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to buy used cars. Car companies have to deal with empty showrooms. Website visitors will soon be able to enjoy a large, diverse and extensive offer on your website.
  • The consumer knows better and better what he or she wants. If you do not have the desired car in the showroom, website visitors simply click further. With our import software you can maintain the traffic on your website.

EuroStocks bundles the following standard ads for you in the import software

  • Cars younger than 2013 (because of CO2 regulation)
  • Cars powered by petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric
  • Mileage between 1.000 and 125.000 km
  • Only offers from car companies, not from private persons
  • At least five photos with the ad
  • Damaged cars are not shown

Bundle your own supply with ads using the EuroStocks import software

  • Are you only specialized in the sale of Audi's and BMW's? No problem at all. You can exclude all makes and models if you wish.
  • Are you active in the higher segment? Only show vehicles with a minimum selling price.
  • Only show vehicles from a certain year of manufacture.
  • Only show vehicles up to a certain mileage.
  • Show vehicles with a lease term, where you can determine the interest, term and residual value.
  • Be critical of the offer and show vehicles with a warranty, from the first owner, damage free, non-smoking and with completed service books.
  • Filter the offer by specifications such as interior, cruise control, tow bar, air conditioning, climate control, xenon or LED.
Curious? Or do you want to get started right away with the import software? Leave your details and receive a free demo right away!

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