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Start your own webshop via EuroStocks

Do you have (used) car parts in stock or in dead stock? Would you like to sell car accessories online? Or offer tires, rims and winter sets for sale? Or something completely different, like building materials, books or nail polish? At EuroStocks we can help you! With our unique management system you can easily start your own webshop. Everything is included: all common payment methods, automatic connection to online marketplaces and all the UX features your customers expect. Fully customizable and as low as 69 euros per month! Want to know more? Read on or contact us directly for a free demo!

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Webshop management system

Managing your own webshop is easy with the EuroStocks management system. You can consult the dashboard with your own login. This can be done anytime and anywhere; it can be used via PC, mobile and tablet. You can also post product ads to your own Marktplaats and account. So you can reach millions of people directly. Through the dashboard of your webshop, you can see which products you have in stock. And through Excel you can easily import and export articles. For example, for accounting purposes or to quickly adjust prices and titles.

Via the menu you can view and process orders. You can see whether a buyer has paid and arrange a refund if necessary. Via the order overview you can download packing slips and invoices. An item immediately disappears from your webshop when it is ordered. The product is then no longer visible on your ads on Marktplaats and In the dashboard you can view daily statistics such as the number of orders, emails, WhatsApp messages, phone calls and webshop clicks.

Start your own webshop in your style

Your webshop for car parts or other products must work well on PC, mobile and tablet. Thanks to 15 years of experience in creating webshops, EuroStocks offers a webshop that buyers at home and abroad can use easily and quickly. Use your own domain name, even if it is already registered by you. Dress up your own webshop with your logo and photos. Through the management system you can easily create an additional page and increase your online visibility. You can also add internal links to important pages, so that you lead your visitors to the pages where the money is earned.

An online shop with all the functionalities customers expect

In the web store, users can search through a text field, through categories such as makes and models and through a Dutch license plate. Filtering can be done by categories such as car parts, genres of books, writers, lipstick brands or whatever. A buyer can choose to have the product delivered to their home or pick it up. Shipping costs are determined by weight. The check-out page of our auto parts webshop is also optimized with a comments field where buyers enter the license plate number and chassis number, so that you as a seller can check whether the part actually fits. Super convenient, and a similar function is also possible for other industries. Through payment provider and partner Mollie, you can offer a large number of different payment methods, so buyers at home and abroad can pay for products.

Link your store to and

To attract buyers to your auto parts webshop, use marketplaces where millions of buyers search and find products every day. In the Netherlands this is has over seven million unique visitors every month. Advertising through your own webshop on Marktplaats is not only a lot cheaper than placing your own ads all the time, your ads are also automatically renewed or reposted every 31 days. The Belgian market is also easy for Dutch companies to reach online via Courier services also deliver there every day! Conversely, it is attractive for Belgian companies to advertise on and thus in the Netherlands. This way, Belgians reach their neighboring country with millions of extra buyers every year.

Start your own webshop right away

An all-in webshop for car parts or other products can be arranged quickly and inexpensively through EuroStocks. More than 1000 car companies have already gone before you. They currently place more than 250,000 advertisements online and receive thousands of orders every month. EuroStocks is the largest webshop provider in the Benelux. We are an official partner of, and (for the German market!).

Do you want to start selling right away and start your own webshop? Then start your free 30-day trial now. Our subscriptions can be cancelled monthly, so you're not stuck with anything. And good to know: with us, you're never alone. We give you a kickstart and continue to support you to successfully generate sales. Want to know more? Contact us without obligation or start your free trial right away!

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